Family Lawyer Marketing Ideas to Get More Clients

family law marketing ideas

You may be a multi-branch family law firm or a single divorce attorney running your practice from a small downtown office, you want to attract new clients and grow your business. There are many studies that show that the web has become the biggest platform for people to search for and choose their attorneys. More people feel embarrassed about discussing their intention for divorce with their friends and family. This encourages them to search for help online.

Given the big opportunity online for Family Law Marketing, it is imperative that you find the right digital marketing agency with a specialized focus and experience in promoting divorce and family lawyers. Interestingly, family law firms and lawyers cannot just choose agencies specializing in general law firm marketing. Getting the right messages across to your targeted audience requires the right type of experience and exposure.

Potential clients seeking a divorce attorney need a different approach to marketing than those seeking an employment attorney. In this guide, we provide you with ideas for family and divorce lawyer marketing to grow your practice. It is focused on targeted marketing so that you can generate better and more leads that convert at a higher rate.

Why Is Divorce & Family Law Marketing Different?

When it comes to divorce lawyer marketing, there are many unique aspects that make it different from promoting other law practice areas. One of the most important aspects is the very few numbers of keywords that can be targeted. If the focus is divorce, there are only a handful of keywords that can be used to promote your practice. This includes:

  • Family law attorney or law firm
  • Divorce attorney or lawyer
  • Child custody lawyer or attorney
  • Child support lawyer

There are even more areas where Family Law Marketing is different. For example, the decision cycle for your potential clients is longer. Studies show that on average men can take a year and women two years to think about it before they take action. So your marketing efforts should be focused on long-term exposure in front of your target audience. You cannot afford to run campaigns for short periods of time and expect to achieve your desired goals for growth.

How To Get More Family Law Clients?

So what are the best strategies to help you with your divorce lawyer marketing efforts? Here are the most effective and proven strategies to help you reach your target audience.

Lawyer Website Creation

As a divorce attorney or law firm, your online persona must match your true image. The goal is to enable a smooth and seamless transition from online interaction to in-person interaction. It is important to avoid investing in a poorly designed website just because you think that the quality of your website doesn’t have much bearing on your marketing efforts.

Whether you are a solo attorney or a law firm, you must have a well-designed website that positions you as an expert in your field with a professional image. There are key elements that a divorce and family law attorney or firm’s website must showcase. It should send out the following messages right away when your target audience sees it

  • Tell your audience what you do, like helping people with divorce, child custody, and such.
  • Tell them who you are. Those seeking a divorce or child custody will want to know a lot about those who will be working on their case.
  • Convince them with the reasons your audience should select you. Provide genuine testimonials and stories of past successes.
  • Provide them with a quick and convenient way to contact you.

Good Web Design & User Experience (UX)

Web design is not just an aesthetic element, it also affects your website’s search rankings. When visitors don’t like the design, they are highly likely to leave it quickly. This is called the bounce rate, and it is best to have the lowest possible bounce rate to rank higher in Google. The website should provide a user experience and content that work along with the aesthetic elements to keep your visitors longer on the website. This will indicate to Google and other search engines that your visitors found what they came looking for.

A well-designed website is also important from another perspective. You want to be investing your marketing dollars on a high-quality website, else your investment will not deliver the desired results.

How Do You Market a Family Law Firm?

Once you have a website, your focus should be on Family Law Marketing efforts. This specific niche in marketing requires a unique blend of strategies and tools to achieve success. While Facebook Ads, PPC, and other paid advertising methods are important, a greater emphasis should be on SEO and content marketing.

It is important to run campaigns to build organic rankings that can drive long-term results. Some of the key steps you can take in this direction include:

  • Creating a good-looking and SEO optimized website
  • Creating content that your audience wants to read and the content must provide them solutions
  • Promoting your website, enabling Google to see it as an authoritative information source
  • Using the right on-site optimization methods
  • Generating online reviews

Create Content That Ranks High

When it comes to SEO for lawyers, a specialized approach is required just like for any other marketing strategy for this field of business.

There are two areas of content that need to be created and promoted here:

Practice Area Content

This type of content should go on pages that you want to rank high for your targeted keywords that are highly likely to convert. These are the keywords mentioned above such as family law attorney or a law firm and divorce attorney or lawyer. Interestingly, you will not need many such targeted pages as for other law practice areas. Once the pages for your primary practice pages are set up, you can focus on creating supportive content.

So how do you stand to be different from your competitors in this aspect of Family Law Marketing? It is most important to create practice area content that is comprehensive and more helpful to your audience.

Our experienced SEO professionals will conduct searches to find the pages that rank high for the keywords you want to target. We will also explore:

  • Subtopics being covered by your competitors
  • Sources used by your competition
  • The order of subtopics
  • Identifying information that your competitors are not providing

We will help create content that provides more comprehensive coverage of topics compared to your competition.

Supportive Pages Content

The concepts used above can also be applied to supportive pages. These web pages have an important role in SEO family law marketing:

  • Many people will be searching for answers to their questions and you should use this opportunity to get them acquainted with your practice.
  • You want to promote your firm or individual practice as an authority on the subject of divorce and family law. The supportive content should help your website rank high on all the key topics related to divorce.

Search Engine Optimization for Divorce and Family Law Firms

When it comes to SEO for Family Law Marketing, you must address both on-site and off-site optimization. The key aspects of these areas are as follows:

On-Site Optimization for Divorce Lawyer Marketing

Some of the key on-site SEO parameters that should be addressed include the following:

  • Page Title: The page title should be optimized using your primary keyword. If your law firm already has a strong brand presence, consider adding your brand to your title.
  • Meta Description: Create a meta description that entices your audience to click on the page.
  • H1 Title: Optimize this title with your primary keyword.
  • H2 and other Titles: Create subtitles that describe the content your audience wants to read.

Alt tags and calls to action are also important elements of on-site optimization. There are even more on-site optimization components that should be addressed to succeed with your SEO family law efforts. This includes creating a website that should be fast and easy to navigate, using HTTPS on your website, and inner linking.

Off-Site Optimization for Family Law Marketing

Off-page SEO is also an important strategy in divorce lawyer marketing. This includes the strategy of content marketing that has been discussed above. Besides, it also includes link-building, influencer outreach, social media marketing, and forum content creation. In simple terms, off-page optimization helps Google understand what people think about your practice. When you have links from relevant and authoritative websites pointing at your website, it can play a big role in boosting your website’s search engine rankings.

Some of the popular off-page SEO strategies are as follows:

  • Social networking &bookmarking
  • Brand mentions
  • Forums & commenting
  • Guest posts
  • Content marketing
  • Link building
  • Influencer outreach
  • Newsletters
  • Questions & answers

Off-page divorce lawyer marketing efforts require continual and long-term efforts. This is the main reason why you should make SEO an integral part of your long-term marketing campaign.

Does Your Law Firm Really Need to Be on Social Media?

If Facebook were to be a country, it would be more than two times populous than the country that currently holds the title of the most populous nation. That is a big enough reason why your divorce and family law practice should be promoting itself on social media. Chances are that most of your existing and potential clients are already on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social networks. So, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of social media.

There are many ways to leverage social media to promote your brand. Some of the key steps include:

Paid Campaigns

Facebook Ads and similar advertising programs on social networks allow you to promote your brand and build brand awareness. Your ads will appear in your targeted audiences’ feed.

Organic Campaigns

Social media promotion for divorce lawyer marketing isn’t all about paid campaigns. It also focuses on building your practice’s organic reach. This will involve making regular posts on your page. The posts should be informative and helpful to your target audience.

Joining relevant, local groups and becoming an active member can also help with your organic social media campaigns.

Why Are We the Leading Marketing Firm for Family Lawyers?

We are a specialized family Law Marketing agency. We have dedicated legal industry experience and we understand your practice and goals better than other agencies. Besides, we have been designing law firm websites since 1990 and have a proven track record of helping law firms and sole practices succeed by leveraging the power of the Internet.

Some of the key advantages we offer for divorce lawyer marketing include:

  • Exclusive family law marketing agency
  • Responsive and effective marketing service
  • One-stop marketing service provider
  • Providing unrivaled media exposure

We help our clients build a strong online reputation that helps build trust and drives new clients. If you need more information about our services, feel free to contact us today.


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