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Content Marketing for Law Firms


84% of users expect businesses to produce content that either entertains them, offers answers, or offers a unique digital experience. Quality content is instrumental in driving traffic, increasing trust in your firm, and keeping your law firm website fresh and up-to-date. It is vital for converting clients organically and through paid marketing. Our marketing company works with your firm to create custom content that is designed with lawyer SEO in mind and created for the user. We want your firm to become the go-to for all legal advice so that when a user wants to hire a lawyer, your firm is the only one they turn to. Read more below to learn about our 7 steps to an effective content marketing strategy.

content for lawyer websites

1: Website Content Audit


Great content is amplified when the website is optimized for lawyer SEO. This means that it is fast, secure, well designed, engaging, and completely responsive. It should be great to look at on any device, and intuitive to use.

Our lawyer website experts will help identify problem areas and fix them. If you need a new website or a complete facelift, we can design a unique and custom website for your law firm that will help you stand out from the competition.

2. Define Your Demographic


When creating content for lawyer websites, it is crucial that the content is relevant to your client base and your practice areas. Your content also needs to be focused on the values and the needs of your clients. For example, if you work primarily with upscale clients, then the content we create for you will differ from if you worked on a “no-win no-fee” basis.

content for lawyer websites

3. Content Strategy


Understanding your demographic will give us more in-depth insight into what sort of content your clientele are looking for or need. We will then work with you to create a content strategy that resonates with future clients and current or past clients alike. This could be guides on new updates to the law explained in layman’s terms, or it could be tips on how to deal with a will dispute. When it comes to content for lawyers, you need writers that know the law and know digital marketing. Our team provides marketing solutions that fit the bill.

4. Keyword Research


To optimize the content for both search engines and for paid advertisements keyword research is essential. Our team uses several pro programs in order to deduce the best local keywords and which keywords based on search volume to include in the content.

Our law firm content writers hen work on including these keywords as organically as possible and without keyword stuffing. The result is a hyper-relevant page for your PPC or lawyer SEO strategy that offers exceptional quality content to users and potential clients.

Keyword Research

5. Content Creation By Lawyers for Lawyers


Once all that pre-planning is finished and we have a strong and comprehensive content plan in place, we will work on creating articles and guides for your legal blogs as well as any onsite copy that needs to be added or improved upon.

We aim to create content consistently. This is for the benefit of your users as much as it is important for Google. In fact, keeping content fresh on your website is one of the best lawyer SEO practices to invest in, because it proves to Google you are an active website – significant, considering only 13% of all websites are considered active.

What Do You Need to Know About Posting New Content?

Posting new content is not always the best solution. We will only post new content if it offers something new to your clients and users. This is because the best practice isn’t to post a new article every time there is an update to a law, but to instead update old posts. This gives them a new life cycle, is great for SEO and helps you build off of past success.

6. Push Content Marketing


Through SEO, PPC marketing, and social media marketing, we will then advertise and push out your content. Our goal is to get users to visit it, engage with it, and ideally either share it or link to it in their own blog or article posts. We encourage this behavior by formatting the article so that it is easy to read, has information that can easily be pulled out and shared, and is authoritative. As a law firm, people don’t expect to visit your blog for fluff content. We will work until your firm is seen as an authoritative figure in your field.

7. Analyze, Report & Adjust


We will use two methods of analysis to monitor the reach and success of your content. This is done through Google Analytics and by using other metrics offered on the different platforms, from social media to Google AdWords. By using this information, we will generate reports providing you with real metrics that declare how well your content is doing.

The importance of these reports is to then reconvene and adjust the content creation and marketing strategy. We will be able to determine which content type works better, which platforms are best invested in, and so on.

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