Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

74% of consumers rely on social media to influence their hiring decisions. If your law firm isn’t present on social media, you’re missing the opportunity to build deeper relationships with potential clients.

We leverage social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. Our social media marketing experts will create and manage a social media campaign for your law firm that builds confidence by communicating your firm’s character and reputation to potential clients.

Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

1: Social Media Audit

Getting the Lay of the Land

The first step we take with our law firm social media managementis to conduct a social media audit to assess your law firm’s current social media use and how it’s working. We discover who is connecting with you via social media, which social media sites your target market uses, and how your social media presence compares to your competitors’. During this first step, we identify your law firm’s audience, which social networks your audience spends time on, their demographics and their behaviors, and how to target the clients you want.

What are the steps of a Social Media Audit?

There are a few steps involved with a social media audit. The first step is to determine which platforms your demographic uses and how you can offer value on these platforms to them.

The second step is to analyze your competition to get an understanding of what they are going, how you can use their tactics for your own purposes, and their strengths and weaknesses.

The third step is to audit your actual account. In today’s sphere, one of those steps is to go through your follower list and remove fake accounts. They only hurt your engagement and can make it harder to get your posts seen by actual users. Then we will go through your social media presence and clean it up. Posts that didn’t land or are now inaccurate are removed or archived.

The result is an optimized account on a platform your users frequent and engage with, armed with knowledge and tactics to improve engagement in the future.

How Can Social Media Be Used to Improve My Law Firm?

When it comes to social media marketing for law firms, your goal isn’t so much as to improve your client pool (at least not right away). Your goal instead is to improve your reputation and brand authority. There are many law firms out there, but when it comes to choosing one a person often wants to go with the firm they feel they can trust. If you have created an account that is relevant, interesting, and authoritative in your field, you can get users to follow and engage with your account organically. When they finally do need a lawyer or firm with your specialization, they won’t look on Google. They’ll go directly to you.

2. Define Social Media Marketing Plan

Targeting Your Law Firm’s Audience

After we’ve conducted an audit of your social media, our law firms and social media experts learn about your goals in regards to branding, communicating with clients, generating good reviews for your law firm, and so on. We will align these goals with your broader marketing strategy to create a social media marketing plan that supports your overall goals.

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers
Social Media Marketing for Attorneys

3.  Create or Improve Social Media Accounts

Building the Best Social Media Presence

After our social media audit, the next step to any law firm social media campaign is to optimize your social media presence using networks that best meet your firm’s goals. If you don’t already have social media profiles, we build them with your goals and audience in mind. Generally speaking, we fill out your social media profiles, and we use images and text that are optimized for the social network in question. We also cross-promote your social accounts to extend the reach of your content.

What are the Challenges with Social Media Marketing for Law Firms?

Social media is a primarily visual based platform, especially with Instagram or Pinterest. This can make social media marketing for attorneys rather difficult. You never want to simply post advertising to your followers. You need to offer them something of value instead. By creating text cards that have a small fact that is useful to your followers, you can become both a brand with authority and an account that receives high engagement.

This tactic can be used on all social media platforms, though it will need to be expanded on or contracted depending on which platform you are using. LinkedIn would benefit from a large post on the topic, whereas Pinterest would benefit from an infographic, and so on.

4.  Generate Social Media Ideas & Topics

Planning Content that Shines

We research the kinds of content and information that will get you the most engagement. We look into what others in your practice areas are sharing and come up with ideas for social sharing that distinguish your law firm from your competitors. Social media for law firms, after all, has to be social.It needs to offer value to your followers so that they engage with your account. Higher engagement means greater reach and an increase in brand authority. The goal here is to become a firm to trust and go to when your followers need a lawyer in your field. We also research what content consumers are sharing and when and why they share as a basis for your social media marketing messages.

What Are Some Great Social Media Topics?

Behind the scenes photos, introducing your team, and offering helpful advice are great topics. Be the go-to on whichever platform your demographic uses for all the legal news and advice in your field. This way, when a follower either needs your help or knows someone who needs your help, they will turn to you first.

How Can You Further Improve Engagement?

You can further improve engagement by directly responding to questions and direct messages. This could be your first point of contact with a future client and having someone from your team available to answer questions can really help with client acquisition.

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Law Firms
Social Media Marketing Strategies for Lawyers

5.  Content Plan & Editorial Calendar

Scheduling For Ongoing Engagement

After we’ve researched social media ideas and topics, we create an editorial calendar that lays out the types of content we intend to post and to promote on social media, how often we will post, the target audience for every kind of content, and the best channels to promote your content. We follow this editorial calendar to publish Facebook posts, Tweets, and other content we plan to use during your law firm’s social media campaigns.

What Do You Need to Be Wary Of?

You need to be wary of automated posting because while in normal situations, it’s great, you don’t want to be so far removed from your schedule that you cannot easily adjust to different situations. If a tragedy strikes, for example, you don’t want a post celebrating your fifth anniversary. It just isn’t in good taste when the rest of the nation is in shock of mourning and makes it apparent you are using a tool to schedule your posts.

6.  Test, Evaluate & Adjust

Fine-Tuning to Perfection

Like any other marketing plan, your law firm’s social media plan will continuously evolve. That’s why we routinely monitor your social media marketing. As new networks emerge, we may add them to your plan. When we attain your goals, we’ll set new targets. We also provide you with an online portal so that you can measure the success of your firm’s social media marketing efforts. We want to prove that lawyers and social media can work together, and benefit both your clients and your firm.

Social Media Marketing Agency for Law Firms


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