Tips For Writing Your Law Firm Advertisements in 2021

Law Firm Advertisements

Writing your law firm advertisement is a chance to prove that your business deserves whatever amount of airtime, webspace, or newspaper section it has received. Whether you provide audio scripts or materials to be read, advertising your law firm is a critical process that comes with a host of much-cherished benefits. If you are the writer, you need to bring great ideas and strategies to get as much mileage out of your advertisement as possible. Here are a few pointers to help you write your very own advert.

Research Common Questions

The worst advertisements are full of baseless claims and bluster, mindlessly coming out with conjecture that nobody wants to see or hear.

The best way to advertise your law firm is, to begin with, a foundation of thorough research. This approach will help drive up engagement in your law firm, enabling your objectives to be more easily understood. What types of questions are your target audience frequently asking? Collate them and publish the answers in the form of your advertisement. The cost of a lawyer, what kind of practice you are, consultation rules; can all serve as USPs in any marketing materials you put out.

It can also be worth pouring through search engines and simply typing in half-completed phrases to see how they are completed. Type in ‘will my lawyer…’, and you will be met with finishers;

  • Go to court for me.
  • Speak for me in court.
  • Drop me as a client.
  • Talk to the other party.

Of course, some of these questions are rather elementary, but the point is that by using a search engine wisely, you can gain access to your audience’s mindset. Even if some of the points are common knowledge, sometimes a bit of reassurance is all some people will need. Using a lawyer can be a trying time for many, and their wits are not always the sharpest when endless worries are on their mind. Your advertisement can be a sanctuary from their fears.

Law Firm Keywords

If your advertisement is part of updating your law firm’s online web presence, then written content published on your site will reach a wider readership if you utilize all the keywords in the law firm profession.

Determine what modern terminology is making the rounds and imbue your advertisements with it all. This is a part of search engine optimization, or SEO, whereby search engines rank your content based on how relevant and informative it is. The more law firm friendly keywords you integrate into your advertisements, the more likely it will be seen by the right crowd.

Geographical locations can significantly help you optimize your content, so if you make a special mention of where your law firm is based in written advertisements, that might tip things in your favor. Additional keywords might involve certain practices or representations, so highly optimized SEO strategies will help your marketing and inform your advertisements’ content.

Circle Back to Your Headline

You should be able, to sum up your advertisement in one sentence. That sentence can often double as your headline or your main USP statement that perfectly encapsulates everything.

If your advertisement ever starts to meander during the development phase, then circling back to your starting headline will help you regain your message’s focus. When the ad becomes a series of offshoots from a central statement, you will find that what you have made is much more cohesive, organized, and structured.

Catchy and memorable headlines work best. Come up with something good, and it will springboard you into the rest of your project. It will be more easily recalled in a pinch for the reader and may grant you more creative inspiration as the writer.

Tailor Your Voice to the Reader/Listener

It is often best to reach out and talk to the reader or listener you are trying to engage in advertising.

Depending on your law firm’s targeted audience, your advertisements’ tone of voice and vocabulary may change. For example, if you serve people of high professional standing, a formal approach might perhaps work better. You might replace second-person pronouns and instead refer to a broad range of ‘clients’ in the passive voice, giving the proceedings an air of affluence.

However, advertisements that omit second-person pronouns might alienate some. If you engage your audience directly, you are thereby setting up a more enrapturing proposition, which is – what can we do for you? That sentiment is far more likely to prick ears for clients seeking things like compensation after an accident, creating a more caring dynamic between your law firm and the wronged party.

Keep it Brief

Your adverts need to be lean and refined, with every second spent wisely. Therefore, each word needs to be highly crucial to the message you are trying to put out there. Otherwise, potential customers will drift away, often within the first few seconds of being bored and disinterested.

While lawyers can be known for spinning words and telling a story, the advert is not a place for that kind of dialogue. Experts in practice know that sometimes, a dozen words are more effective than an elaborate speech, making an impactful impression on everyone on the receiving end.

Where possible, keep things short and sweet. Advertisements are mostly about catchy slogans, concise mission statements, and persuasive speeches. If you are rambling on or present walls of text for people to wade through, it will not take long for people to lose interest and look elsewhere for law firm services. Convenience is king in all marketing aspects, and the advertisement is by no means an exception.

Ask For Help

Advertisements can be a multi-party, teamworking process, so you are not alone if you are struggling. This could be where JustLegal Marketing can step in, offering guidance with all the marketing strategies to feed into your written advertisements. They are specialists in their field, so they know precisely what strategies can appeal to and expand your target audience. Turning curious visitors into paying clients is their forte, giving you an extra edge in your operations.

Sometimes support is needed to kickstart a project. Some extra insight can be like rocket fuel for your law firm, so utilizing expert help wherever possible is forever a positive step in the right direction.


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