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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the quickest and most effective ways to advertise your law firm with precision audience targeting. Our experts in PPC management & Google Ads for lawyers can increase the visibility of search results to deliver high-quality, targeted traffic to your law firm’s website. Get more clients & revenue with help from our Lawyer PPC Experts.



PPC for Lawyers

PPC for Lawyers

Google Ads for Lawyers


We know that the goal of direct response ads, such as Google Ads, isn’t awareness – it’s action. We build and manage pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for law firms that are optimized to:

1) Target potential clients searching for your legal services.
2) Eliminate any unprofitable clicks.
3) Maximize your return on investment.

Whether you are looking to optimize an existing Google Ads campaign for better law firm PPC performance or to create new PPC ads, we’ll work to achieve a positive ROI for your law firm’s online marketing efforts and to reach prospective clients.

1. Determine Profitability


Is Paid Advertising Right for Your Law Firm

The first step in the process is to determine whether your law firm can profit from a paid display campaign. We’ll help you decide which legal services you’ll advertise to target clients who are most likely to hire you. Using legal industry data, we estimate your conversion rate. We compare your estimated cost of acquisition to your average profit per case to determine whether the numbers make sense for you.

How Does Google AdWords Work?

Google Ads for lawyers works the same as any Google Ads campaign. For those unfamiliar, the process is rather simple. You pay a certain amount for every click you want to rank for. If you wish to rank for “law firm,” however, then chances are you will be paying dollars per click without any guarantee that click will become a client.

By focusing on what you specialize in and using language and terms favorited by your demographic, you can lower the cost per click and improve the conversion rate.

What are Other PPC Marketing Streams?

Google Ads is not the only PPC legal marketing opportunity. It is simply the only one available within Google’s search engine. You can also advertise to Facebook users, Instagram users, Twitter users, Pinterest users, LinkedIn users, and Reddit Users. Using demographic data, you can improve your marketing campaign and attract users who are already looking for a law firm such as yours.

2. Define the Perfect Clients


The Reasons for Hiring

After determining whether your campaign can be profitable, we define the perfect client for your law firm. Our research focuses on the demographics and the mindset of your potential clients so we can focus your ads toward your target market with laser precision. We create a client profile matrix that details the legal problems the client is dealing with, the best offers that will encourage them to take action, why they are looking for a solution, and how your services provide the best solution.

Why is Demographic Research Important?

Demographic research is vital to help you decide on terms, and, in some cases, which users you advertise to. On Google, you can only pay for the search term to rank for, whereas with other PPC streams you can advertise to a chosen demographic. More relevant ads are more likely to convert a user to a client.

What Factors Do You Consider?

PPC for lawyers means understanding why your clients need and use your services, and then translating that to a relevant advertisement. By understanding your demographic or your “ideal client,” you can improve client acquisition and be the natural solution for those in need. Some factors that are considered when creating the “ideal client” or which terms to pay for include:

1) Age
2) Gender
3) Location
4) Values
5) Wealth

3. Keywords & Phrases


The Right Words are Powerful

After we identify your ideal clients, we research the keywords and phrases for your campaign that will best match a user’s search online. We use various tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner, Google Trends, and Bing Ads Intelligence to conduct research. Our keyword research includes monthly search volume data, estimated click-through rates, and metrics that allow us to choose the best, most profitable contextual content and keywords for your law firm’s ads.

How Do You Choose the Right Keywords and Phrases?

The right keywords and phrases are chosen based on search volume and based on the lexicon of your client base. If you operate locally, then using phrases popularized in your area is a great way to advertise to those in your community and not elsewhere. It is also how you can keep costs low and conversion rates high.

4. Create Targeted Ads


Writing for What Interests Your Clients

After we’ve conducted keyword research, we create campaigns that target your ideal clients’ demographics, interests, and geographic locations. We also create ads that stand out, are highly relevant to on-page content, deliver a compelling offer, and have a strong call to action. We ensure that your ad copy is relevant to your target audience on the websites they frequent. We also control your ads to prevent them from displaying for searches irrelevant to your legal services to eliminate paying for unqualified leads.

What is the Secret to a Successful Campaign or Ad?

Targeted campaigns are created for the specific platform. When it comes to successful PPC for law firms, this attention to detail matters. For example, keyword research for Google Ads will require a different targeted campaign or ad than a social media advertisement campaign.

On Google, your PPC campaign will be in the form of a search listing. Therefore the header, metadata, and landing page are critical for turning that click into a client.

However, the demographic, advertisement content, visuals, and landing page are important on social media. We do not create cross-campaigns, and instead optimize advertisements so that they are as successful as possible on each platform.

5. Quality Landing Pages


Emphasizing the Benefits of Your Legal Services

While your ads are important, your landing pages are where the magic happens. We design lawyer websites landing pages that are tailored to each of your ads with one big goal in mind – converting the landing page visitor into a client lead. Your landing pages will have headlines, content, and a call to action that lets visitors immediately know that your landing page is relevant to the ad that they clicked. We include content that specifically informs your prospects about how they will benefit by hiring your law firm.

Why Are Landing Pages so Important?

Imagine you search for a service, click on the first result (an ad) and then get taken to a landing page that is either not relevant or one that does not look safe. Your reaction will be to click away immediately. The company who paid for that ad will still have to pay for you to see their landing page, but they get nothing out of it.

It doesn’t matter if they have over 50 years of trusted service in this community. If their landing page doesn’t look safe or doesn’t look relevant enough for that user, they aren’t worthwhile.

We work on creating landing pages that are highly relevant to the search intention and are beautiful on any device. It doesn’t matter whether a user is searching with their phone or a desktop. Your law firm website will be easy to use, easy to understand and have a clear call to action.

What Makes a Great Landing Page?

A great landing page is one that answers all of the user’s questions and needs in a split second. This needs to happen because, on average, users will spend 3 seconds on a website before they decide whether to continue or to leave.

A great landing page has well-written, SEO-focused content and is optimized for user-friendliness. It, therefore, needs to have:

• A solutions-focused heading
• A call to action
• Great content
• Fast speeds
• Secure
• Responsiveness on all devices
• Great aesthetics

6. Evaluate & Adjust


Refining Opportunities for Success

With paid Google Ads, there is no such thing as “set it and forget it.” Your competitors are always working hard to cut into your share of ad space and your ad spend may change over time. That’s why, every week, we review and optimize your campaigns to ensure success. We track conversions such as web form submissions, calls from your website, and calls from ads. We continuously adjust your campaigns for bidding, placement, ad delivery, device targeting, and schedules to maximize your return on investment. We also give you an online portal that displays up-to-date information about your ad campaigns, including traffic data, costs, click through rates, conversions, and cost per acquisition. In addition to monitoring for performance, we actively monitor and combat “click fraud” by other advertisers who may be clicking on your ads to exhaust your budget. We monitor all suspicious activities and block these persons or entities from seeing your ads in the future.

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