Top Five Content Marketing Best Practices for Law Firms

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Lately, law firms have realized the importance of getting their brand established in the digital market. Many attorneys and law firms are making use of lawyers SEO to get their firm ranked on top of SERP. Most of them have also started leveraging social media platforms to publicize their services, proficiency, and case success rate. 

However, despite all the law firm SEO efforts and marketing strategies, many law firms fail to generate enough website traffic and leads. They struggle in getting new clients and wonder why they are falling behind while their competition is flourishing. 

If your law firm is stuck with a slow growth rate, there is a high probability that your marketing strategies, precisely content marketing strategy is not working in your favor. If your content isn’t persuasive, your potential clients will doubt the standard of services that you are going to offer. In such a case, it’s wise to consider hiring a leading law firm web marketing agency to help you create high-value and engaging copies. 

Why Hire a Dedicated Agency for Law Firm Content Marketing?

Content creation, promotion, and distribution is a tricky business. 

Writing high-quality, relevant, and informative content requires on a regular basis can eat up a lot of your time and effort. It might distract you from focusing on your practice. Even if you manage to create your blogs every week, distributing them on different online channels, promoting them, and tracking their performance will overwhelm you sooner or later. 

To prevent this, it’s always wise to hire a dedicated team of content curators and writers. They know how to create content that can engage and convert. Their assistance will help you drive more traffic and grow your business without being an active part of marketing campaigns. 

Content Marketing Best Practices

If you are driven by the purpose of creating a strong online presence for your law firm, we are here to help. Today, we are sharing with you the top five best practices of content marketing for law firms. These will prove instrumental in attracting your ideal customers and nurture more leads – 

Get the Content Strategy Aligned With Your Business Development Goals 

A content strategy can’t win you more customers if it isn’t in sync with the overall business development goals of your law firm.

Say, the goals of your business are supporting the core competency model, but all your resources are focused on catering to only criminal lawsuits.

Now if your law firm content marketing team has ignored the business goals and has published some other content, you will fail to achieve the desired outcome and inquiries. Further, clients will see your firm as one with an unclear vision and will start looking out for better options on the market.

Forming a culture where your marketing team starts visualizing themselves as a part of BD is an ideal way to get your content aligned. This will help you to build a more fine-tuned content marketing strategy and grow your client base. 

Your Content Should Be Adding Value, Not Clutter!

Make sure you check the presence of three vital things in the content before it gets published –

  • It must be adding value
  • It should be helpful
  • It is customer-centric

Brainstorm on ways you can demonstrate your competence rather than supplying content crap. Your content materials should be backed up by facts and should explain your expertise effectively. 

Also, it’s worth noting that you can not always impress the clients by using big buzzwords used in law practice, as they won’t always be from similar backgrounds. Use clear and easy to understand language to make an impact. 

Engage Your Lawyers 

Lawyers are the heart and soul of the law firm, and it is always a good idea to engage them in the content creation. When displaying some past case studies on the website, their knowledge can be a great help in designing a more comprehensive copy. 

Also, it’s recommended that while marketing your content, the write-up should not only appear on the firm’s webpage but also on the social media profiles of lawyers. Train your lawyers to effectively use different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to publicize the content and form a smart network.

Use Hashtags While Making Your Content Public

You can increase your content’s visibility on the web by using hashtags in your social media posts. Using search engine tools like, you can easily find out the trending ones for the relevant topic. 

However, make sure that you do not load your post with a high volume of hashtags, as it will unnecessarily increase the word count and ward off some visitors. 

Also, avoid using general words, or creating your own hashtags as it will only make it difficult for the audience to find the content. 

Your Content Doesn’t Have to Be a Boring One

The legal space has formed a reputation for being boring, with several sections, subsections, and clauses.

Well, we will suggest you keep the jargon off the table while creating your content!

Focussing only on technical gains of content marketing can sometimes drive the readers away. Keep in mind their interests and bring your content alive by making some creative copies and including some exciting case laws.

Further, using infographics is a great way to engage audiences in social media. It is seen that they have the ability to improve law firm SEO ranking and generate traffic to your post.

We hope this post will help you refine the content marketing strategy for your law firm. You can use these practical tips easily and create legal copies that will appeal to both your clients and search engines. 

However, if you do not want to invest your time in something new, feel free to connect with the content marketers from Just Legal Marketing. Located in Mt Pleasant, we are a leading online marketing agency committed to helping law firms. 

To get detailed information, contact our team today!


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