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Every business needs consumers and clients to survive and thrive.

Thanks to internet marketing, geographical boundaries aren’t a barrier anymore and has made it easier for businesses to reach out to a broader consumer base.

Legal firms are also drawing their interest in digital marketing and exploring ways to gain new clients. Businesses in a legal domain like law firms and private attorneys are often on the fences to whether they should embrace modern marketing tactics or stick to traditional marketing means. However, considering the cut-throat competition, it is always wise to dominate the online space and let people know your expertise and professional work approach.

As internet marketing for law firms is instrumental, we today have garnered some key marketing tactics that every law firm should stick by. All these strategies are tried and true to create maximum impact. Here you go –

Digital Marketing Tips For Law Firms

In the internet, high business visibility is the key to more clients and business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website optimization are some of the best ways by which law firms can gain organic visibility and cut through fierce competition. With the right online marketing for law firm’s strategy, a legal firm can prevent prospective clients from going over to their competitors.

For most law firms, digital marketing, especially Search Engine Optimization, is a daunting endeavor. However, there are a few SEO tactics that are easy to implement and effective in reaping the desired results.  Read till the end to unlock some wonderful law firm digital marketing tactics that are worth embracing –

Use Targeted Keywords

SEO works the same way for every business.

Even for a legal firm, the same SEO rules will apply as for any other service-oriented business. When strategizing a lawyer website optimization plan for a firm, it is essential to focus on keywords specific to the region you practice and your legal specialization. This will allow you to get your firm ranked higher on the search engine results pages for the keywords relevant to your niche.

If you are a law firm dealing in personal injury cases, focus on keywords that revolve around personal injury laws or a personal injury lawyer. Using such specific keywords will get your website ranked for these keywords and give you better results. This will also help a prospect click find your website and go through your services. Mention these keyword phrases in your blogs and be sure to link these keywords to the service pages in your site.

Keywords are also crucial for local SEO. It has been found that consumers often make location-specific internet searches. They are more interested in going to a law firm that is geographically near.

Choosing location-based keywords is one of the widely used SEO tactics to get a law firm organically ranked higher for local search.

However, any keyword strategy starts with the right planning and keyword research. Without proper keyword research, your SEO game will not give you the results you were aiming for. You can rely on lawyer SEO experts to help you narrow down the most promising keywords for your practice.

Optimize Your Content

Quality content is a crucial element of any SEO strategy.

Without quality content, describing your specialization and expertise to your prospective clients is impossible.

Keyword-optimized website content can boost your brand’s SERPs ranking and improve its credibility. Website content works as a navigator guiding the visitor to find solutions to their issues or get help. At the same time, quality content filled with relevant keywords allows Google to index the website and get it ranked higher. As they say, content is king!

Set Google My Business Account

Appearing on top of the local search results is vital for the success of your firm. Google My Business offers a platform for legal firms to register their business so that it appears when someone makes a local search.

Although it is very simple to register a law business on GMB, many commit a mistake when choosing the category. Most law professionals find it convenient to register themselves simply as ‘Lawyer.’ However, mentioning your area of legal expertise like civil law, tax attorney, or family law will have more impact on the SEO. It will also make it easy for you to attract your prospective clients.

Give Emphasis to Link Building

Quality links coming from high-authority sites have huge potential to make any website appear on top of the search query.

SEO experts and webmasters swear by link-building strategies to build a higher online business presence. However, with link building, it is essential to focus on links coming from authoritative sites with high page and domain authority.

One of the most effective link-building tactics is content marketing for law firms. By producing and publishing original user-relevant content, you can attract more visitors to your site. Besides helping your potential clients find you, the content will also signal Google that your site is credible and rank it higher on the SERP.

Apart from content, other ways to build links like business submission on online legal directories, blog commenting, and social bookmarking can help your legal firm rank on top.

Focus on Reviews

Online reviews, feedback, and testimonials are essential elements of SEO. Positive reviews can help establish your firm as a credible legal advisor and improve your search engine ranking.

However, before going on board with your review campaign, consider checking your state bar counsel guidelines first.

Set up Schema Markup

The internet is filled with businesses wanting to be seen. For higher visibility, Google offers the facility to the websites to show a snippet with important information about the business.

You can choose from review schema markup, legal service markup, or NAP markup. Although there are various schema markup generators available, for a more professional solution, one can rely upon SEO agencies that undertake online marketing for law firms.

At Just Legal Marketing, we offer cutting-edge internet marketing solutions to law firms and attorneys in South Carolina. As a complete digital marketing agency, we offer a wide spectrum of online marketing & web design services to help you build your practice and shine.

To find the perfect solution for your law firm SEO, call our experts at 843.619.0229 or contact us.


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