The Top Social Media Platforms Every Legal Office Should Consider Using In 2023

social media platforms

Social media is a popular way for individuals to spend their time in an online community that they feel accepts them. They can choose from many different platforms, so almost everyone can find a social media platform to suit their unique tastes.

Today, social media is more than just a fun online space to hang out in; it’s also a source of news and information for many consumers.

As such, businesses need to learn how to use social media to their advantage. At JustLegal Marketing, we understand the importance of social media for legal offices, which is why we offer a dedicated social media marketing service.

If you want to learn more about the trending social media platforms in 2023 and why your law office should consider using them, then keep reading.

This article will explore the most popular social media solutions right now and the rising stars of the industry your law office needs to be aware of if it wants to succeed in social media and grow its online presence.


Facebook is the most popular social media platform currently, with nearly 3 million active users around the world. As such, the platform is an essential choice for any business looking to reach its target audience.

On Facebook, users can post photos, videos, GIFs, memes, audio files, and long or short posts. As such, the platform is versatile and can be used by various businesses, including law firms.

The platform has a wide variety of users from various demographics, so by collaborating with an experienced social media marketing provider like us, your law office can reach its target audience.

As well as paid social media advertising and organic interactions, Facebook is also an ideal platform for content marketing and review management.

After all, the site offers you the chance to post links to content on your website, as well as the opportunity to promote long-form posts that inform readers.

Facebook also allows users to review businesses and service providers with pages on its platform, so your law office can cultivate positive reviews on the site.


Twitter is also a highly-popular social media platform. Posts on Twitter have a limit of 280 characters, but users can post images of longer pieces of text if they want to extrapolate.

The platform offers users the chance to check out trending topics and use hashtags to get their posts, known as ‘tweets,’ noticed.

While the short-form nature of Twitter might seem like a challenge, it can be an ideal way to find high-quality leads for your legal business.

That’s because a wide range of individuals use Twitter, and many of them post a lot of information about themselves and seek expertise on the platform.

Twitter also offers businesses the chance to advertise, and therefore, you can get your posts noticed by your target audience with this platform.


LinkedIn is renowned as a social media platform for professionals and networking. It is an ideal platform for legal firms that want to attract corporate clients or professional individuals in need of legal support.

The platform allows users to set up a professional profile for either themselves or their business. You can then share your work history and information about your portfolio.

Both individual and corporate LinkedIn profiles can share articles, photos, videos, and written posts of a variety of different lengths.

There are also paid advertising options on the site, so you can find the right solution to get your legal business noticed by many users.

Many job seekers use LinkedIn to network and find new roles, so it can also be the perfect solution for law offices seeking to hire talented legal staff.


TikTok has become a vital part of many social media marketing strategies, a newcomer to the social media scene. The platform is growing incredibly fast and is particularly popular with the younger generation.

TikTok uses short-form video to capture the viewer’s attention. Users can upload short videos of themselves doing anything from dancing to explaining their jobs and much more.

While TikTok might not be your first choice for attracting clients to your legal business, it could be a unique platform to attract a more varied clientele.

Many individuals from a variety of different industries use TikTok to educate viewers and to help them to understand their market.

Video is a growing type of media and is particularly popular with social media users. As such, TikTok is an excellent platform for businesses that want to future-proof their social media presence and interact with a young audience.

If you’re planning on creating a TikTok account for your law office, you need to make sure that you work with experts who can help you create the quality videos that your views will expect, like the team at JustLegal Marketing.

Stay Up To Date With The Latest Social Media Developments

Like the legal market, the social media sector is continually evolving. Media companies release new platforms regularly, and user trends change almost every month.

Businesses throughout the corporate landscape need to stay ahead of the latest developments in their niche and the social media landscape.

It can take a lot of hard work and commitment to stay up to date with the social media market, which is why Justlegal Marketing is here to help law offices across America.

As well as our social media marketing support, we also offer a range of additional digital marketing and SEO services so that you can create the right online presence for your law firm.

Alongside our services, we also offer a regularly updated blog, which gives you the latest news, views, and insights into the digital marketing world and how it affects your legal office.

Contact us, and our experienced team will provide you with our wealth of digital marketing and legal industry expertise.


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