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According to a recent survey, there are around 1 million licensed attorneys in the United States, out of which 74% work for private practice.

With such a vast number of active lawyers and vast arena, feeling anxious about the competition is pretty much understandable.

However, the era of the Internet has made all things easy. An effective website, top ranks in Google, and an active social media presence can help you win more clients and make your law firm a huge success.

If you know how to leverage the power of the web, you won’t need to wait for clients to reach you based on pure recommendations. However, if you are not tech-savvy or want to focus solely on your practice, we would recommend you to connect with an agency that is dedicated to offering online marketing for law firms. From lawyer SEO to web design, content marketing, email marketing, and review management, they can cover everything for you to assist you in realizing rapid growth.

We Offer Comprehensive Email Marketing Services, Just for Law Firms

Being a leading law firm online marketing agency, we can say with confidence that email marketing is a result-oriented way to attract new clients and build a reputation in the hyper-competitive industry. When executed right, it can help you captivate the market and avail notable benefits. Especially if you are trying to build lasting relationships with clients, connecting with them on email will help you go a long way.

Now, many law firms are already utilizing email marketing to expand their client base and boost conversions. However, most of them are unable to use it effectively. To understand it better, let’s have a look at these numbers:

Email open rate: 16.5%

Click rate: 1.3%

Click to open rate: 7.9%

These numbers tell us that you can improve your professional curve by creating new leads and new client relationships. You just have to ensure a good email marketing strategy for your business. The success begins with a law firm advertisement, creating new agendas, and executing them for the profit of an organization.

Today, our experts have listed for you some tried and true email marketing tips that work wonders for law firms. Have a read and know how to make your email campaigns a huge hit –

Tips for Email Marketing for Law Firms

1. Focus On a Selected Audience

So you already have a law firm email marketing strategy and structured plan. However, nothing great has turned up yet.

Wondering, why?

Well, it might be because you lack a well-planned email marketing approach. You cannot expect one way to suit every set of audience. Clients have different needs and different perspectives. Hence, you cannot expect every client to respond to the same email. Mundane mails are usually kept in the spam by most of the users.

However, targeted emails can get you 18 times more revenue than the one with a general message. In addition to this, sending a targeted email makes your client feel special, which is another benefit for your firm. Hence, it is crucial for you to target your audience to get to the ladder of success.

For instance, you can send updates of your law firm or a thank you email to your previous clients or email them during the tax period with legal advice.

2. Chalk Out a List of Recipients

The next step you need to do is chalk out a list of your email recipients.

You can draw a list from your previous clients or build links or pay for a list of contacts and start sending emails. Creating a list on your own might seem boring, but it helps you in knowing your audience, which can make a high rate of lead conversion for your firm.

Here are some tips for you to draw your list –

Previous clients

Recent clients

LinkedIn contacts

Social media contacts

People visiting your website

Building a list is a definite way to success, and the aim should be to make your emails count. Your client should not put your email in the spam rather respond to you with questions.

Another thing you can do is to hire designers for law firm websites to build a cogent website. Post legal content on your source so that people can ask their queries in the comment section. This is a sure-shot way to build an email list.

3. Decide Your Content

Content drives the Internet. Period!

Whether it is about building law firm websites or sending an email, your customers will only get to know you through your words and the quality of your content. Your focus should be on selecting meaningful content for your clients.

You have to create curiosity among people to read your emails. To achieve this goal, you have to decide on engaging content. You can select trending topics in the law sector and write relevant facts and information or share your experiences when dealing with critical cases.

You can also –

Include a newsletter

Write articles dedicated to specific content

Share videos

Include snippets of free legal advice

Event notification

Any update in the law

4. Pick Your Email Provider

Is it even required? Well, the answer is YES!

There are plenty of options on the market for sending group emails.

Select an email provider that has a good reputation in the market as well as offers dependable services to its customers. You can give MailChimp a try for sending emails up to 2000 subscribers at a time.

If you are unsure, you can let our law firm internet marketing experts take charge and help you navigate your path.

5. Go for It

Once you are done with drawing a list, building a strategy, and selecting an email provider, the final thing you have to do is set for the campaign. Execute your plan and build solid content by choosing a decent template and language for clients to comprehend easily.

If you want to make your law firm a huge success, Just Legal Marketing offers you online marketing services dedicated to law firms. Our years of experience and dynamic digital marketers will help you in boosting brand awareness and credibility of your law firm.

Let your audience know you – give us a call us at 843-619-0229 or contact us today.

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