Why Social Media Marketing For Law Firms is So Important?

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Over 74% of people’s hiring decisions are affected by the information they come across on social media. As a law firm, this is an important statistic that you cannot afford to ignore. Social medial is different from all other digital platforms in that it helps you build deeper and stronger relationships with your potential clients. People seeking legal services use social media platforms to seek guidance, and in that process, they would be pleased to hire the services of a professional firm that assists them. Thus, social media marketing for law firms is one of the most important digital marketing strategies that cannot be ignored.

Should Law Firms Invest in Social Media Marketing?

Yes, law firms must use social media marketing to promote their services. And there are many reasons for this. Your target audience is spending a lot of their time on social media websites. Facebook alone has billions of active monthly users. Other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and others have billions of users. And these users spend an average of more than a couple of hours every day on these websites.

There are many more statistics that show how important social media marketing for law firms is.

  • Over 54% of people use social media for research before making a buying decision
  • Before a potential client contacts you, they will look up your social media profile for information they can find relevant to their needs
  • 71% of people with a positive experience with a business or service on social media will recommend that service to their family and friends

You do not want to miss out on any of these potential clients if you’re going to grow your legal practice.

If you already don’t have a social media presence, it is high time to get started. You are missing out on hundreds, if not thousands, of valuable leads and referrals for your law firm.

How Can a Law Firm Promote Itself on Social Media?

Social media has a much more critical role than just bringing friends and family together on the same platform and interacting with each other. People also come in contact with businesses and brands and engage with them.

As a law firm, you can use social media websites for the following purposes:

  • Positioning your firm and attorneys as experts
  • Reaching out to potential clients
  • Growing your networking opportunities
  • Staying up-to-date with different age groups and generations

So, how do you get started? What steps should you take?

Addressing the following questions should help you build a solid social media presence and promote your brand online.

1. Why Law Firms Should Research Their Target Audience?

All marketing strategies require a good understanding of your target audience. So does social media marketing for law firms. This understanding is essential to create content that resonates with your audience.

  • Define your target audience
  • Conduct research to know your target audience
  • Create a marketing plan that helps you reach and resonate with this audience

It is recommended to take the following steps for your social media research efforts:

  • Create 1 or 2 social media accounts on websites that your target audience uses the most
  • Determine the demographics of your target client
  • Study recent social media usage statics to find profiles that fit your target audience definition
  • Study your competition as to how they are engaging with their audience
  • Study the posts of those law firms and users

Determine the posts that receive the highest levels of engagement, including comments, likes, and shares.

2. Why Law Firms Should Position Themselves as Experts in their Field?

When it comes to social media marketing, law firms should try and promote themselves as experts in their field of specialization. This will help you build trust, thus encouraging your audience to reach out to you for your services.

Social media is an essential platform in this regard that it makes it easier to position and promote yourself as an expert. Some of the steps you can take in this regard include:

  • Linking to relevant resources from high-authority sources
  • Relating to and commenting on your blog posts
  • Answer all questions on your posts

Your audience should be able to see your ability to answer their questions and the dedication in it.

3. Why Law Firms Should Interact with Their Social Media Audience?

Interaction and engagement are at the heart of social media activities. So, when you want to promote your legal services through this platform, you cannot just stop having a social media profile. You should also regularly interact with your target audience.

So, how can you interact? Here is how:

  • Answer questions
  • Like people’s posts and comments
  • Thank them for leaving a review
  • Share your success stories while maintaining client-attorney privilege

4. Why Law Firms Should Invest in Paid Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising allows you to target and reach specific audiences. Attorneys have a well-defined, target audience and reaching them can be a challenge. Facebook Ads and paid advertising options on other platforms allow you to target the right demographics based on your definition. This is a more precise form of audience targeting and can help you drive high ROI.

5. Why It is Important for Law Firms to Record their Social Media Process & Policies?

It is essential to record your social media processes and policies for law firms in social media marketing. You must address the following points in this area:

  • Who will be posting your content?
  • Who will be engaging with your audience?
  • How often will you post?
  • How will you be dealing with negative comments and responses?

It is best to create a social media manual documenting all these policies so that your staff can rely on them.

Best Social Media Platforms for Lawyers

There are dozens of social media websites and not all are suited for attorneys. Law firms are recommended to make the most of the following social media platforms to promote, reach out to, and engage with their target audience.

i. Why Law Firms Should Use Facebook?

Facebook is on the verge of having almost 3 billion active users per month. If Facebook were a country, it would be more than twice as crowded as the current most populous country. Whatever niche you target, you are going to find your target audience on this social media website.

It is also interesting that Facebook collects so much data. This makes it possible for even attorneys practicing in highly rare niches to develop targeted advertising programs to find and reach their audience.

Some of the most important benefits and features of Facebook for law firms are as follows:

  • Setting up a profile is quick and easy
  • Facebook groups can allow you to connect with your target audience
  • Facebook Messenger chatbots can be used to interact with potential clients. Facebook Live video can be used to communicate with them.

ii. Why Law Firms Should Use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is promoted as the professional’s social media network. It is different from other social media platforms in that it is more business-focused – making it the perfect platform for social media marketing for law firms. With over 740 million monthly active users and still growing, LinkedIn is about building connections with your:

  • Potential clients
  • Current clients
  • Potential referrals

It is a unique platform in that you can build credibility by asking others to recommend and endorse your profile. It is an excellent platform for staying up-to-date with the latest legal news. You can share your content, including blog posts, and have others from your industry engage in it.

iii. Why Twitter is a Great Platform for Law Firms?

Twitter has hundreds of millions of users, and it is the social media platform with the highest engagement rates. There are many reasons why you should be using it too:

  • Twitter is ideally suited for the professional services niche
  • You can create short-form posts for providing insights and updates
  • Hashtags are powerful tools to help you share your thoughts on trending or relevant topics, thus boosting exposure

You can also create your hashtags to keep track of your network’s updates that use the same hashtag. This can help simplify your interaction.

iv. Why is Instagram a Great Platform for Promoting Legal Services?

Instagram has over a billion monthly active users and it is growing at a fast pace. Over 63% of users on this platform are between the ages of 18 and 34. So, if you are targeting younger adults, this is an excellent platform for your practice. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot find tens of millions of people from other age groups.

Some of the key features that make Instagram unique for social media marketing for law firms are as follows:

  • It is a photo-based platform that allows you to inspire your audience to reach out to you
  • You can use it to provide a behind-the-scenes look at your practice
  • Share insights and answer legal questions using the visual media
  • Stories are a powerful tool to engage with your audience

There are many more social media websites and applications that can help you promote your law firm. If you are not already on social media, you are missing out big. Interestingly, many lawyers and firms have a largely inactive presence on a few social networks. Whatever your current activity status on this digital media platform, it is essential to make the most of it. Social media is so vast and so versatile, it is best to seek specialized professional assistance to benefit from it. At JustLegal Marketing LLC, we provide technical digital marketing services for law firms. With years of experience in the industry, we know what works for you and what doesn’t.

We provide comprehensive services for social media marketing for law firms. We leverage the power of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and others to help you reach your target audience, grow your leads, and practice. Our specialized social media marketing team develops and manages our client campaigns, helping build confidence among your potential clients. We are unlike other online marketing agencies in that we are focused on providing our services to legal services only. Our services include social media audit, defining the marketing plan, creating and enhancing social media accounts, creating social media ideas and topics to boost engagement, developing content and planning editorial calendar, and testing, analyzing, and adjusting the campaigns.

If you want to discuss your digital marketing goals with us, call us today at 843.619.0229. You may also reach out to us via this Online Form.

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