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Video is more popular than ever. Online video continues to grow in both demand and content quantity. Those that use the internet are spending more and more time watching that tailored video content. YouTube launched in 2005, and by 2006,650,000videos were being uploaded to the siteevery single day. That number has only grown, and now there are over 400 hours of fresh and original content being uploaded every minute. That growth doesn’t look set to slow down, which is why video marketing for lawyers is more important than ever. While other online video platforms are showing varying degrees of success, YouTube remains the king of video, and lawyers need to learn how to leverage that popularity.

YouTube and Lawyers

Marketing costs for lawyers cause the same problems as they do for any other industry. Traditional outlets continue to dwindle in terms of effectiveness, and they are becoming more expensive even as their effectiveness loses impact. Online video is vastly cheaper to produce than paying for an ineffective newspaper of TV ad. The problem for law firm video marketing is that building an audience can be tricky. The challenge is making the right video content on the right subjects.

Video: The Big Problem for Law Firms

While writing is not usually an issue for any qualified attorney, creating a well-packaged video can be very difficult. Video content requires writers, onscreen presenters, lighting, editing, and sound experts. Video is not always easy. The best way to overcome those challenges is to have a firm idea of your goals. Video marketing for lawyers can be extremely beneficial if planned and executed with a strong marketing strategy.

How to Use YouTube Video

Many business guides can take you step-by-step through the planning and execution of video content creation. However, the vast majority of these guides are not designed with the legal profession in mind. Lawyers face a particular set of challenges when it comes to legal video marketing. The best way to overcome those challenges is by having a clear set of steps that will result in effective video marketing that is specifically tailored to your law firm.

1. Creating Value

A slick promotional video showcasing your offices and specialist services is all well and good, but that’s not something that the average YouTube user is going to sit and watch when they have other, more entertaining content to view. That’s why you have to make the videos that your audience will want to watch.

The best way to start this process is to consider the questions that your firm is most commonly asked.

Start gathering data about phone call queries, email inquiries, or questions on your website and social media pages. The more commonly you are asked the same questions, the easier it will be to determine exactly what the subject matter of your attorney video marketing should be. People very rarely make a YouTube search for an advert, but they will head to the video platform in order to find answers.

2. Be Frequent

Having one or two videos posted to YouTube is not going to be enough. Ideally, you should be aiming for a fresh piece of video content to be uploaded at least once a week. One of the most important things to remember is that your video content should not be used to promote your law firm explicitly.

Of course, having a few self-promotional videos uploaded isn’t going to do you any harm, but you will get a more positive response to your law firm video marketing if you focus on answering questions and providing value.

If you develop a consistent pattern of uploading frequently, then you can start to benefit from embedding those videos into your website, and building up a loyal audience of people who look forward to your new uploads. Those are the people that will think of you first when they have a need for legal services.

3. Native Facebook

Once you have your YouTube video created and uploaded, there is a lot more that can be done with it. Of course, social media can be a complicated area to tackle when it comes to marketing, but your video can be very valuable on platforms like Facebook. However, don’t only share your video from YouTube directly to Facebook. Instead, take your original file and upload it directly to Facebook. That’s because the social media giant will more heavily promote a video that comes from its own pages. They don’t want to give other websites like YouTube clicks when they can keep users on their own site for longer.

4. Call to Action

This is a term that is prevalent across digital marketing strategies, and your law firm video marketing is no different. It is the act of including something in your video that you hope will result in a viewer taking a positive action. It could be a link to your law firm websites that you hope they will click on, an email list that you hope they will subscribe to, or even just leaving a comment and starting a discussion about your video content.

The best thing about including a call to action in your marketing is that it makes it very easy to determine how effective your content is.

If your call to action is suggesting a website visit and you have a thousand views but no visible increase in site visits, then something will need to be changed.

5. Hiring Professionals

When you spent your early years having to study law, the chances are that you didn’t learn even the basics of marketing. It’s hard enough studying to be a lawyer without learning an entirely new industry. That’s why agencies exist to help you with your law firm video marketing. If you don’t understand what SEO is or why it’s so crucial for video or the entire notion of AdWords is a mystery, then it makes sense that you would make use of those that can not only create a professional-looking video but know the technicalities of video marketing as well.

The internet has transformed and disrupted a huge number of industries, and the legal profession has not been exempt. If your current marketing strategy is not proving to be all that you hoped for, then YouTube video marketing is certainly something that you should explore. Cost-effective and with the potential to be seen by more people than ever before, the right video marketing for lawyers can be an effective way of helping your firm to grow.

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