LinkedIn for Lawyers – How Attorneys Can Successfully Advertise on LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Lawyers

As an online marketing agency for law firm websites, we create and manage “native advertising” campaigns for attorneys on social media networks platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. An example of native advertising is “boosting” a post on your law firm’s Facebook page to appear in your target audience’s Facebook feed. For a very detailed look at Facebook advertising for lawyers, read our article HERE. In this article, I’ll explain what types of law firms and practice areas can benefit from advertising on LinkedIn and the types of self-service advertising through LinkedIn.

Why Should Lawyers Advertise on LinkedIn?

According to LinkedIn, four out of five members impact business decisions within their organizations. This is an audience that attorneys can tap into. Sponsored Updates are LinkedIn’s leading native advertising format that allows you to reach a more niche audience that extends beyond a Company Page’s followers.

Is LinkedIn Advertising a Good Fit for Lawyers?

Before I get into the mechanics of advertising on LinkedIn, it is worth mentioning the types of attorneys and law practices that would benefit from advertising on LinkedIn and those firms that would not. Law Practices that are a Good Fit for LinkedIn Advertising – Unlike social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn isn’t built for consumers. Instead, it is a social platform for business and professional networking. So, any type of law practice that focuses on representing businesses, organizations, companies etc. Examples include insurance defense firms, labor and employment firms that represent employers (not employees), commercial transaction lawyers, mediators, and other areas of practice that focus on representing companies, not consumers, or lawyers. Law Practices that are Not a Good Fit for LinkedIn Advertising – If you are a criminal defense lawyer, a family law attorney, a personal injury law firm, or any other firm that represents consumers and individuals, then advertising on LinkedIn is not for you.

What are the Types of “Self-Service” Advertising on LinkedIn for Lawyers?

Before we dive into creating ads on LinkedIn, let’s take a look at the types of self-service ads that are available: Sponsored Update: Sponsored updates work similarly to updates that you get on Facebook and your LinkedIn profiles except that they show up on the updates feed of potential prospects according to the parameters you set such as geographic region, professional title, skills, and more. Text Ads: Text ads allow you to include a logo of your firm and a brief sentence or two that describe who you are and what your practice area may be. Like the sponsored update, you’ll have the advantage of filtering out by parameters only those high potential clients. In return for clicks on your ad, you will pay a fee.


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