Successful Marketing Techniques for Law Firms in 2018

Successful Marketing Techniques for Law Firms

Successful marketing techniques lead to acquiring new clients, and this is no exception for law firms. Since most modern-day consumers engage with companies online, it makes sense for businesses to channel their marketing efforts through online portals. Most businesses understand the importance of online marketing, but often lawyer websites fail to gain new clients because they don’t properly focus on lawyer-specific techniques.

It’s important to authentically connect with prospective clients, especially when SEO is prevalent, but many companies waste time with the wrong initiatives. That said, it’s difficult to distinguish effective marketing techniques from ineffective ones, especially considering the dependency on your particular circumstances.

To help successfully promote your legal firm, here are some top marketing techniques for 2018:

Attorney-Specific Call to Action

Tactics for optimizing websites apply to various industries, and it has never been more important to rank well in search engines for relevant terms. If you haven’t already implemented an SEO strategy that’s tailored to the legal industry, your law firm’s SEO efforts will be less effective. Lawyer websites have different aspects to consider because there are different rules and regulations to follow, and failure to abide by these rules can result in strict penalties. One of the most effective SEO tips that websites for lawyers can use is an Attorney-Specific Call-to-Action, which can be implemented after the appropriate keyword research.

A call-to-action encourages visitors to follow a desirable course of action. On your legal website, you can place a call-to-action in the header and include your phone number in a prominent location on every website page. By including other forms of contact, you’ll create an easy route for prospective customers to get in touch.

Attorney Schema

Schema is machine-understandable information in the form of HTML content. This helps search engines establish relationships between content that is found online. The legal industry has its own set of schema for search engines to identify content related to the legal profession.

Here are a few elements of your website that should have schema attached:

  • Phone Numbers
  • Emails
  • Reviews
  • Attorney Names
  • Addresses
  • Attorney Biographies

Schema exists in multiple forms and can appear as breadcrumbs, video thumbnails, or star links. By understanding the importance of schema, you can increase your click-through rates for consumer searches.

Link Building

Links are a leading factor that influences where pages rank for keywords. It’s important to incorporate backlinks in high-quality articles that provide actionable advice and are published on esteemed websites. The more high-quality links you include on relevant articles, your site will likely rank highly for targeted keyword phrases.

Previous Clients Are Potential Current Clients

Client information is valuable, regardless of how out-of-date it may seem. After finalizing your work with a client, be sure to retain their contact information. You never know when they might need your services again in the future. Your firm can contact former clients by phone or email, reminding them that you’re still in business if they need further legal representation. If they had a meaningful previous experience with you, the chances are good that they’ll want to work with you again, should the need arise. Or, perhaps they’ll refer you to a friend needing the services you provide. You can also lure customers back by offering discounts or free consultations. By keeping your company fresh in their minds, they’re more likely to become a returning customer.

Use At Least 2.5% of Revenue on Marketing

Investing money back into the company will significantly influence growth and development. Investing about 2.5% of your revenue is a guideline figure, and by measuring the success of marketing techniques, you can determine when and where it’s important to invest more. Any successful business owner knows that you have to spend money to make money, and if your company reaches more customers, revenue streams will increase. Focus on investing your revenue in proven marketing techniques since some conventional methods have become largely outdated over the course of time.

Explore Social Media Marketing Techniques

You’d be foolish to downplay the importance of social media marketing. It makes sense to create a social media presence when considering social media’s influence on society. Facebook and Twitter are great platforms that offer invaluable marketing opportunities. On that same note, hiring a specialist in-house social media manager can be advantageous. With a grasp of your target audience, you can drive traffic to your law firm’s social media profile by leaving intriguing and engaging comments on established pages while ensuring the comments aren’t overly promotional.

Incorporating these strategies into your marketing strategy will make your efforts more effective. Remember to measure the success of different marketing techniques and implement a strategy that works best for you.

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