Practicing law requires a lot from a person. Not only do you need to educate yourself on the practice and take test after test to prove your capacity to be a lawyer, but you also need to market yourself or your firm once you become established. Many skilled lawyers lack the ability to build a large client base because they have forgotten about the most beneficial asset of the modern age. While word-of-mouth might have been the marketing strategy of yore, today the most efficient way is digital advertising. The use of technology and the internet can vastly change the number of people who are exposed to your firm. To truly succeed in an internet marketing strategy, you will need to avoid these five common mistakes.

Ignoring the Power of Technology

The world knows that technology connects us all on a level that has never existed before. This allows businesses to make their services available to consumers all around the globe. Such widespread attention is great news for your law firm, as long as you accept and explore the option of advertising digitally. In doing so, you expand the number of potential clients for your office. Countless methods of digital marketing strategies can provide contact with customers you might never have reached before. You may also find that technology makes your life easier because good digital marketing will do the work of bringing in clients for you. If you embrace the digital world, you could watch your firm expand in size and scope.

Overlooking Email and Mobile Marketing

With new advertisement options such as search engines operations (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC), many might forget about email marketing. Especially in an online world that is fueled by social media, spreading the word via email seems to be a concept of the past. However, email can achieve a level of personalization that is second to none. By grabbing customer data from various channels and devices such as social media, you gain the ability to target email to specific clients. Additionally, research shows that 91 percent of adults say they enjoy getting emails from companies with whom they do business. They receive updates, promotions, and innovations, and the emails give them the opportunity to hire your services more often. Incorporate email into your digital marketing strategy for a beneficial spike in consumer attention.

Mobile websites are now among the most commonly browsed formats. Come up with a mobile strategy such as an app or a mobile-friendly website so users can receive your firm’s information on-the-go. Give them the convenience of contacting you and you will be more likely to receive customers in a pinch.

Not Experimenting With All Types of Ads

A number of platforms have been invented to help you market your law firm. If budget allows, you may want to try your hand at a lot of different advertisements. Don’t just settle for Google or Facebook. Get creative and give as many platforms a chance as you are able. This will extend your range of success and allow you to collect data on which ads give you key customers, and which are not so helpful. Tracking and attributing success to certain platforms can get tricky. With options such as Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, display networks, native advertising, video advertising, blogs, and paid channels, tracking which sites are giving you the most bang for your buck is difficult. But once you have diversified your investment, you should be able to get a good idea of where your successes are coming from.

Keeping Platforms Wide Open

Once you have explored all platform options, whittle your choices to allow for a few into your budget. Get rid of any platforms that are not serving your firm by producing real results. This will have a lot to do with attribution data, so get accurate answers from each platform and decipher which are providing the most returns for your investment.

Not Targeting an Audience

Identifying what kind of audience to which you want to market your services is imperative. A personal injury attorney will receive very different clients from a criminal lawyer. What kind of person will require your firm’s services? Take into account age, gender, education, and lifestyle to target the right audience at the right time. With a clear image of who needs your help, you can step in front of other firms who are advertising similar services.

To create an appropriate and successful digital marketing strategy, you will need the help of seasoned professionals. Just Legal will establish a unique plan to advertise your firm on the wide client base known as the Internet.