How Do I Manage My Law Firm’s Digital Footprint?

How Do I Manage My Law Firm's Digital Footprint?

As a digital marketing firm based in Charleston, South Carolina, JustLegal Marketing helps develop legal blogs to become an effective marketing tool for your law firm.  The idea is to increase your firm’s digital footprint and drive business to your door. A digital footprint is used to describe the trail, or “footprints,” that people leave on the internet. Any internet activity creates a footprint which leaves trails of personal information to others online. You most probably have a digital footprint.  Simply Google yourself; any matching results are part of your digital footprint.

How Can I Manage My Firm’s Digital Footprint?

  • Keep login info and personal information in a safe place – not on the web: Do not share any of your usernames or passwords with anyone.
  • Should you post it? If you had to ask, play it safe and don’t post!  As previously mentioned, once something is posted, it’s out there forever. If you wouldn’t want a potential client seeing something, don’t post it!
  • Not so many photos: Any photo you post publicly is fair game for anyone to find. What’s the rule?  Once it’s posted, it’s posted forever.
  • Google yourself: Clients do and so should you. Search for yourself so you’re aware of what’s online and what clients can see.
  • Scale back on social media: Don’t be on more social networking sites than you can handle. Keep the profiles you use frequently and delete any accounts you don’t update often.

Who Uses My Digital Footprint?

Your digital footprint is often used by websites you’ve visited. Digital Footprints are used to gather information such as postings on your firm’s website, websites personally visited, social media posts, and online shopping. Information is usually gathered by the use of cookies.  Cookies are small files of websites store on your computer and used to trace your online activity after the first visit. It is very important to understand that once posted online, it’s there forever – it’s like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube. It could return to haunt you and your firm and it’s a safe bet that everyone in your firm has been Google and your digital footprint exposed.

How Can a Digital Footprint Benefit My Law Firm?

Not all are negative aspects of digital footprints; there are positive aspects as well. Digital footprints are a way for you to brand your firm and yourself. Current and potential clients are following your trail, so take advantage of it!

There are many ways you can leverage your digital skills to land a client. Take advantage of social media opportunities such as LinkedIn and post full blogs. LinkedIn and other professional platforms have publishing tools that allow you to reach new clients through its website. Post your recent blog on the lawyer websites. Give clients a preview of the coming attraction through your blog.  It will attract more attention to your blog and give clients an opportunity to see your thought process in your practice area.

If you need help with law firm website design and law firm SEO, then let the professionals at JustLegal Marketing assist you in using your digital footprint as an effective marketing tool.

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