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The COVID-19 pandemic has hit almost every business hard, and law firms are no exception. Many law firms have witnessed a decline in the number of clients, thereby suffering losses. Does this mean that there has been a sudden decrease in the demand for attorney services? Not really. As per reports, there has been a rise in the number of legal cases. The right divorce lawyer marketing strategy can help a law firm attract plenty of clients.

With the pandemic forcing people to stay at home, there has been a steady rise in the number of divorces and other family issues. Other than these, there have also been growing conflicts between employees and employers. A reputed digital marketing and SEO company like Just Legal Marketing can help your law firm attract these clients.

How are law firms suffering during the pandemic?

The problem doesn’t lie in decline in the need for attorney services. It is the law firms that are failing to attract clients. The key reason behind this issue is that conventional marketing techniques cannot keep up with the evolving market. For instance, outdoor banners and posters are no longer effective, with many people barely going out much. Instead, when individuals need an attorney, they try to find one online. The law firms that haven’t adopted a suitable marketing tactic yet suffer losses simply because their potential clients do not know about them.

How to market a law firm during COVID?

While the impact of the internet on our lives was already growing, the pandemic took it to a whole new level. People now turn to the internet every time they require any information. Even advertising has evolved to a great extent during the pandemic. As people spend more time online, they gain greater exposure to online advertisements and digital marketing campaigns.

Marketing is crucial for any business to survive. From the current trends, it is evident that the best way to reach out to the masses to advertise your business is to adopt a digital marketing strategy. A comprehensive digital marketing campaign would take your business to the right audience, i.e., the potential clients.

What should a law firm’s digital marketing strategy include?

Powerful digital marketing campaigns are comprehensive, covering various aspects of sales and advertising. Now, there are different marketing tactics that the digital marketing strategy of a law firm should include to succeed.

  1. Use blogs to generate leads

The most common approach that the potential customers would take up while looking for an attorney is running a quick search on Google. Now, search engines like Google aim to provide users with valuable information. Hence, the search engines direct them to websites that are informative and can be of help. Adding high-quality blogs to a law firm’s website would help the website land among the top search results and generate leads.

  1. Focus on SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial digital marketing tactic for any business. SEO is a practice that optimizes web pages to make them preferable choices for search engines. While creating the blogs on the website, a law firm must keep the SEO goals in mind. A content marketing expert would enrich the blogs and other content with valuable keywords. A robust SEO strategy can help your law firm beat its competitors in search engine results.

  1. Keep the website updated

Many law firms fail even after launching a digital marketing campaign because their websites aren’t updated. If your clients feel like your website is outdated, they may not trust your firm. Hence, go through all the photos, biographies, court results and settlements, and other information on the website to see if they are recent enough. If necessary, update the outdated information.

  1. Use video conferencing and other modern technologies

With physical contact reduced to a bare minimum during the pandemic, people rely on online technologies such as video conferencing. Hence, if a law firm is offering its services online, such as consultations through video calls, it would be a good idea to advertise it. People would be looking for attorneys who are comfortable with technology.

  1. Make the website user-friendly.

The user experience that your website offers plays a significant role in determining how they feel about your firm. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that the website is user-friendly in design and that your potential customers do not face any problems. The best way to go about it is to hire a digital marketing company for website designing services.

How to optimize the content on a law firm website?

As mentioned previously, content is a precious asset for any business trying to run a digital marketing campaign. From reaching your target audience to influencing them, the importance of quality content is extremely high. Some of the things to keep in mind while adding content to your law firm website are:

  1. Easy to understand

Bear in mind that your clients may not be aware of various legal terminologies. It is best to omit such hard-to-understand languages or explain those while using them in the content. Ultimately, the blogs should be easy to comprehend because your clients would be looking for a law firm that takes care to educate them.

  1. Relevant and helpful information

While marketing is the essential purpose behind adding the content, your clients should not feel like you are focusing hard on selling them your services. Instead, provide helpful and relevant information on the website. The blogs should contain information that your clients would be looking for. If the blog focuses on family-related legal issues, it should cater to clients looking for attorneys who specialize in this field.

  1. Content quality

The potential clients of your law firm would be using the quality of the content to gauge the firm’s standards. Leading digital marketing companies put a great deal of effort into building quality content. Thus, the better the content, the higher the conversion rate. In addition to plain text, you may also consider putting up attractive infographics.

  1. Video content

Videos are one of the best types of content for marketing purposes. You may create helpful videos on legal issues that your potential clients may be facing. One of the most successful video marketing techniques is to create videos that are educative and put them on YouTube. Even if the law firm website has not attracted a lot of traffic yet, YouTube would. It is an easy way to generate leads and then direct them to your website.

  1. Content layout

A common mistake that causes websites with excellent content to fail is the layout of the content. The design should be such that the visitors wouldn’t feel like the website is too congested. Ideally, a well-structured website should allow users to find and access the information they seek without any hassle. Text content should look neat and attractive to read.

How to make your law firm website mobile-friendly?

One of the most critical aspects of building a user-friendly website is making sure that the website is suitable for mobile phones. Smartphones are no longer an expensive piece of technology. Instead, they are a part of everyday life for most individuals in recent times. The chances are high that many of your clients would be using smartphones to check out the law firm websites.

If your website isn’t user-friendly, they wouldn’t be able to enjoy a great experience. Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly typically have higher bounce rates. Here are a few tips on making your law firm website mobile-friendly:

  • Responsive design: Smartphones come in numerous dimensions. The best way to ensure that the website functions properly on every device is to adopt a responsive design. This means that the website would automatically adjust its appearance based on the user’s device.
  • Keep information handy: While visiting a law firm website, potential clients would be looking for specific information. This includes the attorney’s area of specialization, case studies, background information, attorneys’ qualifications, etc. The design of the website should be such that the visitors can easily find all such information.
  • Maintain a high loading speed: The longer the webpages take to load. The more likely are the visitors to leave the website and go to a different one. You would want to ensure that the website loads within less than five seconds to reduce the bounce rate.
  • Optimize the locations of popup ads: While it might seem like a good idea to use popup ads to attract clients, you would want to take a careful approach. On a mobile phone display, a popup ad can easily block important content that the visitor might be trying to read. It would be counterproductive if your clients felt irritated by large popups and switched to a different website.
  • Get the website audited: Lastly, a law firm should be audited for mobile-friendliness after getting the website ready. This should expose any problem that the family law marketing firm may have overlooked. Audits help to pinpoint issues and resolve them.

Why should law firms partner with family law marketing companies?

By now, it should be evident that digital marketing is no simple task. It involves various complex techniques, primarily if a business competes against other firms with robust digital marketing strategies. In such a scenario, the best way to go about it would be to partner with a reliable digital marketing company. Reasons that make it an excellent choice to seek professional digital marketing services are:

  • Specialization: You may hire a company specializing in SEO and other marketing techniques relevant to law firms. Thus, professionals who focus on precisely the services you need would be delivering them.
  • Market research: If your law firm is new to digital marketing or has a strong team, market research can be a hassle. However, a reputable digital marketing firm can easily carry out the necessary research and extract valuable information and insights.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The more successful the digital marketing campaign is, the higher its cost-effectiveness would be. Now, experienced professionals can shape your marketing campaign to ensure maximum conversion rates.
  • Transparency: When it comes to something as important as marketing your law firm, you would want to stay in the loop all the time. The reputed digital marketing companies are highly transparent with their customers.

One of the leading companies for SEO family law marketing, Just Legal Marketing, is a firm that can help you develop a successful marketing strategy. Our experts use proven and creative tactics to promote the businesses of our clients. You may get in touch with us by filling up this form or calling us at 1-843-619-0229.

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