How to Get More Clients as a Lawyer Through Digital Marketing?

Clients as a Lawyer Through Digital Marketing

Client services are a necessary part of today’s society. In most industries, people will research before hiring someone, even more so with legal services that can seriously impact their life, work, or reputation.

People who seek the assistance of a lawyer to represent them prefer reading other client testimonials and visiting the lawyer’s website. All the more, trying to understand what consulting the lawyer will be like before receiving a legal consultation.

When promoting yourself as a lawyer, you should concentrate on what experts refer to as your persona. You want to demonstrate your credibility and trustworthiness to prospective customers and companies that may want to hire you. To ensure that your law firm or legal practice resonates with people, you should invest in a digital marketing strategy that works for you.

Digital Marketing Can Increase A Lawyer’s Clientele

Digital marketing promotes your brand, products, and services via websites, social media apps, blog posts, and other online platforms. It’s the most effective method of increasing digital traffic and site visits, leading to sales.

The days of looking up a lawyer’s contact number in the yellow pages are long gone. Most people looking for lawyers and legal advice inquire online rather than on the phone. If you want to target clients today, digital marketing is essential.

With the help of digital marketing, lawyers can create a positive brand awareness that isn’t possible with traditional marketing techniques. Reaching out to new clients who may be interested is easier as they look at your online legal services.

Digital marketing experts offer multiple services you may not have the expertise to do independently. Consequently, they will have advanced tools to help your web traffic thrive by generating a brand unique to your credibility and legal practice.

Find A Digital Marketing Strategy That Works For You

Creating a digital marketing strategy follows that each jurisdiction has its own rules regarding what you can and cannot do. When following these regulations, a good rule of thumb is to label yourself as an “expert” only when your qualifications match those required for the job. Be cautious about potentially disclosing information from cases. 

It can be difficult for lawyers to know how to begin as numerous digital marketing tactics exist, including SEO, social media marketing, and paid digital ads. The most productive ones focus on aspects that make perfect sense for their specializations and clients.

1. Choose Your Target Client

Before considering a content strategy, you must first recognize where your target customer interacts online and what content and messaging resonate with them. Proceed by conducting market analysis for your professional field and interviewing previous clients about how they found you. Review any records you currently have to determine who you’re marketing to.

Understand your client’s situation and what they’re looking for. Try walking in their shoes, so your digital marketing strategy will persuade them.

2. Reach Your Objectives

Whatever your digital marketing objectives are, your online presence should stand out in the market. Remembering this will guarantee that your digital marketing investment is spent wisely.

Make sure you’re aiming for a feasible option when setting objectives. Regular posting could be difficult if you’ve never used social media. Determine how much time and energy you can devote to digital marketing for your company before deciding on your objectives.

3. Determine Which Channel Is Best For Lawyers

Remember that lawyer digital marketing is aggressive, so expenses can quickly mount. Your target audience’s internet habits determine the effective advertising channels for lawyers. Before advancing into various channels, you’ll need to be picky and systematic in your approach. Here are the most common online marketing channels to get you started:

  • Online lawyer directories that charge a fee, such as Justia or FindLaw
  • Pay-per-click ads
  • Marketing on social media
  • Email advertising

4. Develop an SEO-focused Website

You will build your marketing concept around a website where it’s essential to your personal and professional branding. Unlike business directories or social media accounts, it’s a form of property you own and is crucial for credibility. This is where prospective clients can learn about your employees, qualifications, accomplishments, and services.

Getting on top of search results and driving organic (free) traffic to your legal firm are both dependent on SEO. This is a flourishing, competitive industry within law firm digital marketing, with entire agencies dedicated solely to law firm SEO.

Consistent NAP

Ensure that you maintain the same NAP (name, address, and phone), so mobile searchers can easily dial the contact details you listed.

Prospective clients will use the NAP outlined on your website, social media accounts, and Google My Business listing in bookings and legal consultation sessions. Google and other search engines will acknowledge your legal firm as the same entity across all searches and results if each website and directory has a consistent NAP.

Mobile Optimization

A mobile-friendly website and advertisements provide an interactive search and navigation experience for all devices. Your website should be designed with both mobile and web browsers in mind.

Optimized content must also function smoothly between mobile and desktop devices. A mobile-friendly website will initiate prospective clients on the correct track, increasing configurations and legal counselling sessions.

Social Media Management

People can use social media to reach your business, as they also recommend your services to others. Even if not everyone has or utilizes all of these platforms, having a diverse, active social media presence fosters trust in your “brand.”

5. Check Your Website Regularly

Check-in regularly to keep it updated, including key data about your target clients, objectives, channels to engage in, and corrective measures for your website. Multiple online tools will inform you where potential customers are coming from. This allows you to decide which channels to invest more in and which to eliminate.


Because you can’t always rely on word of mouth, digital marketing incredibly benefits lawyers who are starting or rebranding. JustLegal is a matchmaker for lawyers looking to bring new clients into their practice. As your law firm grows, JustLegal will tirelessly search through available prospects. We’ll connect them with the right person so that all your hard work can be rewarded!


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