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The global Coronavirus outbreak has affected every business in the corporate market and forced many organizations to get creative to provide clients with the services they expect.

For law firms, this means moving towards providing service online. After all, legal disputes, injunctions, divorces, and other practices never stop.

Many courts are now conducting their activities online, which means that law firms have to embrace digital technology to meet the needs of their clients during this unprecedented situation. There’s always a demand for legal services, but with offices closed, most practices have to start using the online tools at their disposal to continue supporting their clients.

For law firms unsure of how to take their services online, JustLegal Marketing has prepared a helpful guide.

Keep Your Clients Updated

Clients will need reassurance that your law firm is still open during the pandemic and can offer them the services they require. Use your social media presence to reach out to a wide range of clients and followers so that they know that they can rely on you during this crisis. Provide compassionate posts that show that your legal office has dedicated itself to more than just selling its services. Remember to offer kind words of support to your followers and factual information so that you show your law firm in the best possible light.

Create A Presentable Backdrop For Videos

If your office cannot stay open during the crisis, you need to set up a presentable backdrop for any video conferences that you may have to host. If you’re working from home, try to create a neutral background that won’t distract clients. Tidy away any paperwork you have stored behind you so that your room looks presentable and you don’t compromise client confidentiality. If you have not set up a dedicated workspace, try to hide any traces of your personal life, such as your bed, clothes, and seating area. Instead, use a plain wall as a backdrop to show yourself to be a consummate, reliable professional.

Avoid Interruptions

Try to keep pets, children, and any other household members away from your workspace while you’re hosting a video call to make yourself look professional. Talk to any adult members of your family before you make the call so that they can keep dependants occupied and quiet during your video conference. If you care for pets or children alone, try to distract them with toys or activities while communicating with clients. If this is impossible, then reschedule your video call for a more convenient time so that your clients receive your full attention.

Improve Your Cybersecurity

Now that you are providing your services online, you must ensure that your devices are secure. Where possible, provide your staff with dedicated work devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Allowing your employees to use personal equipment could lead to security breaches, as they might not be as vigilant about updating their software and antivirus solutions on their own devices. Provide dedicated work technology and offer your team guidance on how to use it safely so that your client’s confidential data is secure at all times.

Organize Your Inbox

With so many clients transferring from face-to-face meetings to digital encounters, you’re probably going to be dealing with more emails during the lockdown. As such, you need to make sure that you’re on top of everything you need to do and have a firm grasp of your inbox. Use your primary inbox as a to-do list, and put completed tasks into clearly-labeled folders. This strategy might sound obvious, but many legal professionals who have never had to manage a full inbox before might be unfamiliar with it. Treat your inbox as a filing system so that you deal with every task efficiently.

Grow Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The current situation looks set to continue well into the future, with a vaccine still not available and consumers being increasingly cautious about the offices they visit. As a result, you need to boost your firm’s online presence and prepare to offer your services online for the foreseeable future. Our team at JustLegal Marketing has the expertise to get your firm noticed and draw in new clients. Whether you’re looking for help with content marketing, SEO, or Google AdWords, we can help you take your marketing strategy online. Our team combines legal experience with marketing prowess to provide a unique service, so contact us today to find out how we can help you.

These tips should help you to take your legal service offering online. If you need further support or guidance for your lawyer websites, check out JustLegal Marketing’s other blog posts. We have a range of tips, guides, and information to help your business reach its target demographic and improve its overall online presence.


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