Why COVID-19 Makes Targeted Marketing More Important Than Ever

Targeted Marketing More Important

The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown every industry, service, and sector into a panic this year, and the ripple effects will remain evident long after we get access to a vaccine. Every law firm worldwide will tell you that the way their day-to-day business operates has changed drastically, even as the first steps back towards normal, or something approaching normal, are being taken.

One thing is for sure; however, the demands on law firms have not diminished. The challenges are multiplying. With so much uncertainty and so many fluctuations in how we can conduct business, it’s more important than ever to know that your website, the way you present your business to the outside world, and how you attract new clients are as finely-tuned as they can be.

If you search for online marketing agencies, you will find many companies offering you their surefire ways to boost your ad ranking, optimize your law firm website like never before, and give you social media tricks. What sets JustLegal Marketing apart is that it’s an SEO agency aimed solely at law firms. We’ll be talking more about the reasons why working with an agency is so essential right now, but that first point is crucial.

Time Is More Precious Now Than Ever Before

Why spend money on a company that will have to take the time to learn your business from scratch? Can you afford to spend your valuable time bringing them up to speed on your requirements and correcting their mistakes? By the time you’ve realized that they have gone in a direction that does not help you at all, you may have wasted a considerable amount of resources. Based out of Mount Pleasant in South Carolina, Just Legal Marketing’s content is written by lawyers. As such, it’s in full compliance with the advertising ethics rules of your specific jurisdiction, and they offer client exclusivity to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

But it’s not just about making sure you hire a team who knows your business inside and out. You may still be asking yourself why marketing is a justifiable expense right now when companies are taking hit after hit from the Coronavirus pandemic. Well, with more and more people working from home, more and more businesses are ramping up their online marketing to grab the attention of people hunting for answers on their laptops, phones, and other portable devices. You’ll see a massive rise in searches for “…near me,” and everyone will be working twice as hard to cut through the noise and reassure clients that they are the best option.

A typical law firm SEO will aim for the usual keywords. Still, JustLegal Marketing’s experience in the legal profession means that they not only understand the most commonly searched for terms in this sector, but they’ll be able to tailor it specifically to the services that your firm offers. You don’t want to waste money buying ads that will attract people who aren’t looking for what you’re selling. It would help if you had targeted messages that will make sure the people who click through are ready to stick around and commit and leave a review.

Website Building Can Be Time Consuming

If you’re a new firm just starting, you’re going to need a website building from scratch. Designing a site by yourself is time-consuming, requires research and testing, and risks looking templated or, at worst, amateurish compared to the competition. It is well worth investing in a professionally built site that is aimed directly at meeting the needs of your business and your clients. Whether your firm covers a lot of territories or whether it’s a small, targeted firm, Just Legal Marketing will build a site that reflects your personality and ethos and will catch the eye of the clients you want to attract. They will also include you in the design process to ensure that you don’t travel in a direction you don’t want to go.

Social Media Management Services Can Save You Time And Effort

Another part of your law firm marketing that takes a lot of time and effort is social media. As we mentioned before, people are looking for local now more than ever. Suppose your social media presence up to now has been limited to a Twitter profile that has the occasional positive thinking meme at the start of every month. In that case, it’s not going to be doing anything for you when the landscape is so competitive. Think about how you can attract clients on popular social media channels and the small things you can do to make your page more personal and professional. But it’s not enough to make an Instagram page or post about a good month on LinkedIn. An experienced marketing team can tell you which channels will give you the most significant return on your time and tell you how each member of your team can pull their weight. From forums to Facebook, your prospective clients are entering searches and posting requests looking for the services you offer. Expert advice from people who know the legal profession can connect you faster than an intern with “social media experience” on their CV.

Targeted Blogs Can Funnel Through New Sales

And what about the blog section on your website? It’s one of those tabs you create with the best of intentions when you first go online, but it quickly ends up being one of those drudge tasks that gets assigned to whoever has a spare hour at the end of the week. But with the proper insight and expert knowledge, it becomes an SEO goldmine. Avoid firms that offer you regular copy that’s carelessly written and filled with mistakes. A potential customer who knows what they’re looking for and is shopping around to make the right fit will see the difference between keyword-stacked filler and clear, concise, helpful pieces that reflect your firm and your services. Legal Marketing will audit the copy, do the research, and create pieces that demonstrate their understanding of the business and the market.

Everyone is rushing this year, everyone is panicked, and everyone still needs legal help. Now is a time when you can put yourself ahead by investing in intelligent, professional marketing to reach your clients and take a vital step forward.

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