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In today’s digital world, if your business does not have its own website, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of the market. However, each business conveys a different message through their website design, and it plays a big part in how much visitors you get on your site daily. Unfortunately, specific industries do have a reputation for being duller and less creative than other sectors, including attorneys. These websites have a history of being bland and very straight forward in terms of color and layout. Lately, lawyers have been considering making their websites more presentable and attractive to their audience. Finding great design inspiration doesn’t come easily unless you are a creative person by heart. To enhance the beauty of your website, this article will give you key pointers for how you can draw in more clientele and revenue with an appealing lawyer website design.

Accessibility and Content Formatting

When a visitor clicks on your website for the first time, they should very quickly arrive at your homepage. The homepage will be the first visual image that will be seen, and if you decide to write on the homepage; you should make it easy to scroll and read through without struggle. What’s more, in this generation, the majority of people now use tablets and smartphones to browse the internet, so having a responsive website is critical. It means that your design should cater to all screen resolutions without having a scattered appearance once you move to and from other devices.

When going through the design process, your site should speak to the client without having to describe too much about yourself. By resonating with your audience, it will be appealing, making them read on. To make it extra accessible, you could include a search bar that will take the visitor directly to the required page. For help ensuring your lawyer website is highly accessible for all visitors, turn to expert web design law firms to build and create your site.

Media and Visuals

Most people find it easier to take in imagery than text. Whether you are just starting your own business or need an update on your lawyer website design, it’s a good idea to input the use of images and other media like videos. You should embed quality photos of your team depending on the size. If not, just put a face to your firm by some candid shots. Doing so will play a big part in making your brand identity.

Blog Site

You should create a blog site dedicated to your website. For a lawyer website, you should have content provided within that particular industry which your readers will visit. Attorneys would be especially good at content marketing as they are naturally good writers, and can show expert knowledge within your field of work. By having an informative blog, it will be a huge SEO boost making it easier for clients to find you. It will encourage inspiring lawyers to start their own blog site to write regular information with credible insight into updates within the law and recent legislation.

Colors and Layout

When you are planning your law firm website design, one of the first things you’ll consider will be your color scheme. Most successful law firm websites have a gray and white background with an outstanding color of blue which is a favorite color used overall or sometimes light green. However, if you want to be different and unique, there are many more powerful colors like orange which is placed strategically on the page not to make it so visible but still effective.

To find the best appropriate color for your site, you should find out what the general impression of your website is. You can do this by asking a friend or a family member for their opinion. When it comes to your layout, certain content should be seen at the front. Each page should be responsive and have a good amount of information, which should introduce it without making it too overpowering.


The colors and font of your logo will play a part in your website’s creation. The primary colors you use within your logo will have to be in contrast with the color theme of your site. You can create your desired logo yourself, or you can get it professionally done. The logo should appeal to the industry you are working in and be eye-catching and memorable.


You should include testimonials as it will serve as a verified review from customers that have used your services. They are typically displayed at the bottom of the page. However, many businesses dedicate a whole page to testimonials and share them on social platforms, which will encourage new potential customers.

Contact Page

Starting your own business website comes with direct referrals from clients so you’ll need a contact page with all your details provided. Nowadays many people use Google to find whatever business they need, so when they arrive at your site, include a general inquiry form and most importantly a phone number to contact you on.

Implementing Your About Me Page

Your ‘About Me’ page should explain how you can help clients in your services. If you want to assist them visually, you can show examples from your past projects. It should also include your experience and education. Biographies will be needed if your business is expanding rapidly as it will show the companies the importance of individual personalities.


Your logo and firm’s tagline should be front and center of the homepage as this will represent your brand while making it well presented to your audience. The domain name should also work well with the logo, making it clear what the visitor is clicking on by the use of phrases. Having this visual will engage the visitor to check out its services.

Writing style

If you are running several services, you should be aware of not being too overly promotional. Your main goal will be to sell what you are offering, but you can also give them a taste of what they should expect from the services. They’ll want to know the benefits or outcomes of what you provide. Most of the time the text will be conversational without losing the focus of the firm’s concept.

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